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WordPress expert munich

WordPress expert in Munich

WordPress Maintenance The maintenance of WordPress covers update of all its plugins and new versions. When new versions are available, an update of WordPress Premium theme (if installed) is carried out as well. The maintenance includes detections and repairing of defective links; both external and internal. Installation and setting up new plug-ins plus recommendation of new plugins for a particular website is part of the maintenance job.

Website backups: The data supplied by the user on WordPress remains safe through a number of functions. As a norm and routine work, back up your website to our backup server is done once a month. If your site goes down, it will restore from the last backup with one business day.

Brandcrock provides Telephone support 5 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm and Email support 7 days a week is available. Up to 30 minutes of technical support each month by WordPress to edit, repair, optimize or install features to improve your site is part of the service and access to WordPress library of video tutorials is free as one of the best wordpress expert in Munich.

The good news is that WordPress provides the backup of work and data if the website is hacked or the content is accidentally deleted, a backup is available to restore it. Back up your entire website including database, content, templates, themes and plug-ins to your backup server or storage per week. We can help in doing this part of the job if […]

WooCommerce installation – the host server requirements

WooCommerce installation –  the host server requirements

Prior to installation, the host server requirements need a check. The minimum specification must be met, if not, get a recommended host. Go through the following steps:

  • Log into your WordPress site
  • Go to: “Plugins” then to “Add New”
  • Search for ‘WooCommerce’
  • Select “Install Now”
  • Select “Activate Now”

WooCommerce is ready to be used.

After first activation the WooCommerce Setup Wizard helps the user in setting up the shop.

In case of carrying out a multisite installation, each site in the network although sharing a database, stores its information in separate tables making each store is a separate setup.

For reverting back to an old version of WooCommerce:

  • Disable and delete the current plugin
  • Restore a previous backup of your store’s database
  • Download a previous version
  • Upload the previous version underPlugins” > “Add New”.
  • Activate the previous version

It is highly recommended that the merchants must have the backups of there merchandizing business.

Uninstalling WooCommerce

Two points are to be noted while uninstalling WooCommerce from a device.

  • Existing settings, pages, orders, products etc are still there in the database.
  • Total removal needs ability to modify site’s wp-config.php
  • To do that, open the site’s wp-config file and add define (‘WC_REMOVE_ALL_DATA’, true);on its own line above the /*.

It is done.

Still in doubt, call an expert or ask for BrandCrock GmbH, Munich.

Complete online Customized Shopware Shop mrletter

Today we proudly present the launch of the (Shopware Klebeschriften Systeme) complete Shopware Customized Shopware  store. Team BrandCrock use the Shopware 5 open source platform and take the Shopware to the next level.

Key highlights of this project are;

  • Complete Shopware Theme Design
  • Shopware theme implementation in Shopware (Installable as a Plugin)
  • Designer Plugin for realtime ClipArt creation which is added to cart and which will be printed as sticker using Plotter in different size, fonts and colours  ( in SVG format) Shopware – Klebeschriften

The shopsystem uses Shopware customized Shopware theme many individuals shopware plugins More infos: The website is fully responsive and completely developed with Mobile First concept.

More information about Shopware plugin developement can be found at Shopware plugin development page.

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15 tips to start your ecommerce website with Shopware

15 tips to start your ecommerce website with Shopware

Intro: Shopware, a complete e-commerce website with Shopware

Shopware 5 is a e-commerce product of Shopware AG based in Schöppingen Germany. Shopware is around in the market for now over 10 years, with over all 3500+ Plugins and modules.

Which e-commerce website platform? Shopware, Magento, Gambio or Oxide-Sales depends on your individual requirements. Shopware is a successful eCommerce shop with extremely good usage rate of Shopware in Germany. Shopware is expanding into UK market with a growth of 500% last year.  This year Shopware established its first office in the UK.

This article will assist in having a clear picture of do’s and don’ts during the initial stages of a Shopware e-commerce website development job and provide an insight of the Shopware key features and required tips. It will guide from where to download the Shopware. It will enlist the minimum requirement to start and run the job easily and successfully. The article will be helpful in knowing different version of Shopware, templates, plugins and the key points that are required when starting with Shopware Theme selections. Thus the reader will have a clear picture of objectives at upgrading stage. A list of useful resources for Shopware community is given at the end for help; if need be.

BrandCrock is at your service at all stages. We are just a call away.

1: From Where to Download Shopware:

Figure Shopware Download for Free

To start with, the latest Shopware free version and files can be downloaded […]

Magento Certified Development Agency

Magento Certified Development Agency

The new, young and futuristic lot of merchants is keenly interested in materializing their very fresh, untouched, never-thought-before even out-of-box plans and dreams. They are out there, everywhere in big numbers. They are professional enthusiasts who want to conquer the business world in minimum possible time. These energetic people are indeed in need of speedy tool for effective marketing along with eCommerce setups and software that could enable them to climb, scale and widen within the merchandizing community at accelerated rates. We help them by suggesting the proper workable Magento Open Source eCommerce solution that is designed to achieve their goals.

BrandCrock is providing solution as a certified Magento development agency based in Munich, Germany, with two back offices for software production in Karachi and Chennai. We have certified Magento developers assisting in making new online Magento store as well as optimizing your current Magento merchandize. With our unique Magento offshore development models we will enable you to save a lot of initial cost of development, not compromising on quality, smartness or effectiveness of any of our products.

Figure: 1 BrandCrock Magento Certified Agency Offices in Munich, Karachi & Chennai

In the ever growing and expanding trading world and ever changing computer appliances, programs, devices like mobile phones, smart phones and their applications, the need to empower the merchants with complete control of their e-Commerce merchandize is but obvious. The mobility of a purchaser as well as merchandiser is a factor to […]

Shopware System Upgrade

Shopware System Upgrade

Upgrading any live system is a challenging task in itself, with Shopware one needs to be more careful when upgrading.

Many of our clients which are already using the Shopware systems came up with this questions what is required when upgrading their current Shopware systems and Shopware plugins to latest Shopware  version.

Basically it is possible to update the Shopware system from the Shopware backend. However it is very important to know the steps and procedure which should be followed to make sure after the system is updated everything works as it was planned.

The Shopware upgradation also depends on the Shopware version in use and based on this version activation of the subscription plan which came along with the Shopware licenced version has a role to play.

Irrespective of the Shopware Version and Subscription plan one has to keep in mind of the following steps while upgrading Shopware version.

Steps involved in Shopware Upgrading

  • One have take the backup of the current system, if does not exist.
  • Creation of Development environment (Sagging) if does not exist.
  • Have to check how many Shopware plugins are in use.
  • If upgrading from Shopware 4 to Shopware 5, first have to update Shopware 4 to Shopware 5.1.2 and then to latest Shopware version.
  • Must have to check if there are changes made in Shopware “core files”, if yes then have to restore these files, by making separate Shopware plugin(s) for the features which were implemented by changing the Shopware “core files”.
  • Have to check the […]

Can Shopware be used as a B2B shop framework?

Can Shopware be used as a B2B shop framework?

Good News Yes, it is possible to use Shopware as a B2B Shop framework, but not every version of the software is equally well suited for this purpose.

The Shopware “Enterprise Edition EE” is particularly recommendable which is capable of handling the true nature of the B2B business model. 

A true B2B Shopware framework must include these features

  1. Way to register and show the B2B dealers
  2. Clear division with Customer Groups and Profiles
  3. Restricted Access based on users and users Groups
  4. Flexible Payments methods for Dealers
  5. Imposing minimum Order Quantity
  6. Geographical country based Tax Exemption (VAT)
  7. Wholesale Bulk Order Form
  8. Bulk Purchase, Discounts and Offers
  9. Ability to Reord previously purchased products
  10. Customer Specific Catalog and Pricing

However most of the online merchant does not require all of these features, and much of the cost for overhead license of Enterprise Edition can be saved by developing the B2B features as individual Shopware plugin development. This can be done due to Shopware open source and greater modular extensibility.

Furthermore Shopware itself offers the “Business Essentials” module

It offers some of the key features for B2B Shop the options can be activated for registered dealers in just a few simple steps

  • Registered customers to segment into different Users groups
  • Show or Hide the prices based on the login status of the users
  • Present individual shop designs to each of the User groups

Do you have any questions or do you need advice to use Shopware as a B2B shop framework? We […]

Shopware to a PIM system via API interface

Connection between Shopware to a PIM system via API interface possible?

A system for “Product Information Management” must prepare everything worth knowing about a product or service in a structured and well-mannered way, so that the data can be accessible when every it is required as easily as possible via different channels. Basically PIM is complete and comprehensive solution which provides a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product information, with the help of the this you can  create a product catalogue, and distribute it to your sales teams, your clients  and e-commerce channels, like Shopware.

Shopware Open-source and Shopware well documented API, make its easily possible to connect a PIM system to the shopsystem  software via the Shopware interface (API). There are many 3rd party plugins already offer this option for variety of PIM tools available. Shopware offers the possibility of multimedia Rich data integration like images, videos, texts, and music (MP3, MP4,etc) or 2D/3D animations(AVI, MP4,etc) which can be transferred from and to the PIM tool in operation.

The question of whether this is possible is much less important than how a solution should be implemented. The solution depends on the PIM tool you are using and the PIM tool in place offering its interface to the outer world systems. However, it makes sense to take a look at which data should actually be transferred before developing the connection of Shopware to the PIM system.

There are multiple Opensource (MIT License) as well license based PIM tools available which can be […]

What additional features does Shopware Enterprise Edition have?

What additional features does Shopware Enterprise Edition have?

Compared to the other versions, the Enterprise Edition of Shopware is such a complex program that it is hardly possible to describe its additional features completely in just a few words. Instead, it makes sense to take a closer look at the concept idea: The Enterprise Edition should fit seamlessly into all business processes of a company. Shopware Enterprise Version offers Database Clustering.

This means that it can be adapted to the needs of companies to an even greater extent than the other Shopware versions. Due to the free scalability, the Enterprise version of Shopware can also be provided with additional resources according to your own ideas. Shopware also promises a “fast time-to-market” for the shops in the Enterprise Edition. This means that they go online quickly and can generate sales. Through seamless integration into existing processes and systems, the shop should also save costs compared to competitor offers.

what does it cost? unofficial figure for the licence of Shopware Enterprise cost is around 30,000€ for the enterprise edition.

As a Shopware Certified Partner, Our experts at BrandCrock GmbH are also happy to provide you with detailed information about the Enterprise Edition. Just contact us.

Aquacentrum Relaunch with Shopware

Aquacentrum München with Shopware 5

brandcrock@brandcrock we proudly announces the relaunch of new multilingual e-commerce website based on Shopware for aquacentrum munich.

The #shopsystem uses @shopware customized #shopwaretheme many individuals #shopwareplugins individually developed Payment methods, custom products and chain products with different prices ranges, real time discount calculations and much more.

More infos:

The website is fully responsive and completely developed with Mobile First concept. Targeting Customers who like to shop on-line on Mobile and Tablets.#aqua #aquacentrum #münchen#individualdesign @aixpro
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Shopware Setup installation and configuration cost

Shopware Setup installation and configuration cost

What is often forgotten by customers, but is always necessary, is the installation and configuration of the respective Shopware shop. This is mainly about the installation of the system on the customer server, where databases must be connected and the Shopware backend files must be uploaded to the respective Web Server, setting up the DNS and Hosting environment.

A basic configuration of the shop functions includes.

  • Article listing
  • Products Categories
  • Price Groups
  • Individual customization of the invoice data,
  • User Management of the Shopware backend
  • Payment methods integration
  • Shipping Method configuration
  • Email Templates for Auto generated replies
  • Setting up various price groups for merchants, for example.
  • Configuration of the additional plugins each 2-4 hours for each plugin
  • Depending on the scope of the required plugins.

However, the duration of configuration varies. Overall, one can expect a total effort of 1-4 days.

Theme and Design selection and implementation (if required)

Another important cost factor is the of Shopware shop design. Basically you have three options.

  • Theme setting for default Shopware theme according to your CI (Corporate Identity) 6-8 Hours
  • Buy a readymade plug and play Theme and adapt it according to you needs. Prices of these themes varies but these are from Approx 99€ to 350€ Net each, and then individual setting of these theme for 16-20 Hours
  • Creating an individual design for you. It has two parts, first the designer will design a theme in Graphic tools each concept will take 4-5 hours each, and the implementation of the […]

Shopware Certified Partner

1st successful year as a Certified Shopware Partner

Today BrandCrock GmbH has completed it’s first year as a Shopware certified partner with Shopware AG in Schöppengen Germany.

It this worth it?
Yes, we are glad with it overall. It was wise decision our potential clients have much confidence on us for the first couple of meetings, that we, BrandCrock as an Offshore Shopware Solution provider know what Shopware is all about and Yes! You have a Badge!

As Shopware Partner you have access to Shopware support which also helps you out in time of the need. You can get more benefits as Shopware certified partner.

Your website is listed on the Shopware partner list network, which also helps you in winning the customer trust. You can also showcase your completed Shopware projects.

The Lifespan of Shopware Certified Business Partner is though only valid for 18 months from the point of its completion.

Shopware certified partner Improves your Client Conversion Rate
We have helped many small and Start-ups clients which came to us due to BrandCrock Affordable Shopware Cost Model. As we believe in value of money and

“LOW COST & High Quality Solutions”

We are glad due to this partnership we were able to convince our clients that Shopware is correct e-commerce solution for their online business model and BrandCrock is the right Shopware solution provider for them.

What Next as shopware certified partner?

As we have now have Team of Experts for Shopware who are working Full time on European clients specially, German customer from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. […]

What are the advantages of Shopware?

What are the advantages of Shopware?

The first question which does our clients and online merchant ask us during the consultation phase of project,  What are the advantages of the Shopware?

Almost all of our clients have already experience and are disappointed with regard to

  • Non-functional programming of the shopsystem
  • Incorrect presentation on mobile devices (Responsive issues)
  • Load time
  • Website performance
  • website integration with third party etc.

and they all are in search of a really functional, robust online shop system.

One of the main advantages of the shopware systems

As more and more internet users are surfing and shopping on their Mobiles and tablets, Shopware is Mobile First platform and Shopware offers a rich mobile interface for its users.  Shopware is true mobile commerce (M-commerce) system.

Second advantage is a its Open Source (Code availability) maturity and its wide distribution. Online trading cannot be done with a nonfunctional and incomplete website as a business owner you should not be focusing on the website related basic issues rather focus on your core business and the actual tasks of a retailer.

With the Shopware system you free yourself from unnecessary technical hurdles and can put all your energies into

  • Core business
  • Banner and Designs
  • Content development and Improvement
  • Sales offers
  • Order Deliveries
  • and customer service.

In addition to this Shopware system offers various payment methods and Shipping methods, including those with real-time confirmation. This allows your customers to order around the clock 24/7/365 and you can ship on the next working day. This means that there is […]

10 Tips for a Successful Online Shop

Good shop software provides the basic framework for an online shop and saves you a lot of development work. An operational online shop does not mean, however, that the first orders automatically arrive. There are many more things to consider for the success of an online store. We have put together for you our seven top tips for a successful shop.

You should pay attention to these points in order to have long-term success with your online shop:

  • Make it as convenient as possible for your customers! Avoid overloaded design, long-running texts, and complicated checkout process: These have clearly proven to be a sales killer.
  • Strive for an appealing product presentation and detailed product description. This makes your online shop more trustworthy, creates positive emotions for customers and reduces the return rate
  • The eCommerce sales via mobile devices have been growing for years, therefore a fast and mobile optimized online shop is an absolute must
  • Customers are spoiled by fast shipping and many payment options. Therefore, your payment and logistics processes always have to work flawlessly.
  • Keep engaging with SEO, SEA and social media. Set yourself regularly goals and KPIs that your shop should achieve, and check them continuously.
  • Make Online Shopping as Convenient as Possible

    The usability in your shop is the alpha and omega everyone knows it. As soon as an online shop is unstructured or the checkout process is too complicated, the search engine is stolen and the product is bought from another supplier. If in doubt, the online giant […]

    How much Shopware Shop cost?

    What does the complete Shopware Shop cost?

    First questions our clients asked us.  What does the complete Shopware Shop cost?

    “Well it depends” on the functionalities and features one want to have in the Shopware Shopsystem.

    We can still give an estimated cost of the Shopware Shop with the minimum list of the features to go live with an online Shopware Shop System, based on our Shopware development experience.

    The Basic factors which comprise of the Shopware shop cost are;

    Cost of the Shopware Shop, It depends on the 4 factors

    • Type of the Shopware version and Edition of your selection.
    • Additional Plugins (Both Shopware premium and 3rd party)
    • Individual and customized development for Shopware theme and Design
    • Individual Templating of the Shopware Pages

    Option 1 Shopware CE Entry Shop Package:  (2000€ to 2500€)

    Shopware CE, Shopware default theme with CI settings and free plugins it will cost you around 2000 to 2500€. As this kind of the Shop system can be implemented in 80 to 100 Hours.

    Option 2 Shopware  CE Basic Shop Package: (3500€ to 4500€)

    Shopware CE, Bought Shopware Theme with with CI settings, Article list page setting and free plugins with 2 Shopware premium plugins. it will cost you around 3500 to 4500€. As this kind of the […]

    Why We Need Plugins for Website Development

    Plugins are a piece of software code that adds extra functions to the core code of the website. Plugins are of great importance in the website development. These website plugins are written in PHP language program. It helps in a great manner to those who are unaware of coding available for free download.

    One can da download and install plugins easily using FTP client. Developers can the also enhance plugins by making changes in the core code of the plugin.


    When we make a website it is not according to the advanced technology which is necessary for tempting traffic to the website. In order to achieve this task and make a user-friendly website for your business or your personal blog or website, you need to enhance the functions of your website. Use of plugins is very momentous for a website growth. There are a number of plugins available online and also customized plugin can be developed according to the need of website development. Plugins increase the website performance by improving its influence and functions. You can easily optimize all the capacity of plugin for the sake of user-friendly website.


    Shopware plugin development is not a challenging task to attain. All we need is bootstrap.php file, use install and update method, add some templates and you are ready to use your own plugin on your website. It is not that much easy in reality, but of course not impossible there are hundreds of plugins available online which are created […]

    Offshore Shopware Development

    Offshore Development Agency

    Offshore is a new trend which is occupying business market nowadays. There are plenty reasons to use this offshore opportunity and no reason to avoid it. This outsourcing is very beneficial for small and big organizations. In offshore development mostly IT services are offered.
    Sometimes these relations between the offshore development team and the company’s last longer and are profitable to both. One more important fact about outsourcing your project is that hiring a team from an underdeveloped country will cost less than compared to the developed countries whose offering outsource services.

    4 Top Reasons for outsourcing Shopware development

    Following are some reasons that you should go for outsourcing facilities for your Shopware shop.

    #1 Cost Effective

    When you decide to outsource your e-commerce website based on Shopware you will get a major relief in terms of cost. You can find the best offshore Shopware development team anywhere in this world according to your project.

    #2 On Time Project Delivery

    As your task is being divided and handed over to any offshore Shopware development team it will help you complete your project on time. Testing and implementation of the project do not require extra time as your hired Shopware development team has done it already.

    #3 Exposure to Advance Technology

    Offshore Shopware development team is the best way to know about new technologies. You can hire a team laced with all recent technologies and skills. Hence, gives you remarkable results and a perfect project.

    #4 Save Extra Cost on Infrastructure and Internal Resources

    You can save […]

    Shopware 5.4 Development


    With other new gifts in 2018, Shopware also showed up with a gift for its consumers. Shopware released its new updated version of 26.02.2018. Shopware 5.4 is offering a lot of new functions to the shop owners and developers. The added functions are according to the user’s demand for what users are expecting and what will increase the performance. These new additions are bringing triumph and ease among the Shopware 5.3 users and will definitely bring more customers towards Shopware.


    New functions which are enhancing Shopware development power are described as follows:

    • Variant Filters

    This new feature is the most demanding feature by the Shopware consumers. Due to this feature shoppers are able to select any product by choosing their favorite variants like color and size. Shopware 5.4 let you choose different variants for any product and also show their images by image processing.

    • Sold Out Variants

    Shopware 5.4 allow showing a number of variants left or if sold out. You simply have to select a box in the back end that will stop selling the product which is out of stock. It sends an alert to the shop operator when the stock is about to end.

    • Flexible Themes

    Front-end developers have this opportunity using Shopware 5.4 that they can easily customize theme and templates. This function allows developers to change selected parts of designed themes and give it a completely new look.

    • Blue – Green Deployment

    This new deployment system allows Shopware users to install new Shopware update on the cluster system. […]

    Shopware Cost and Editions

    One must first examine, which Shopware license will be able to fulfil the requirement for your needs, the whole Shopware cost depends on it.

    Shopware offers 4 different versions which are open source, with which you can setup up an Online Shopware Shop.

    Shopware Community Edition (CE): Free

    The Shopware Community Edition, which is available free of charge, contains all the basic functions required to run a shop. The most common payment methods, such as PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or BillPay are available as a free plugin extension. Furthermore, the current Shopware 5 Community Edition is already equipped with a mobile shop version, which is very advantageous for new shop operators. In this version you have the premium plugin “Merhfachänderungen” in Shopware 4, which is also available for a fee.

    Shopware Professional Edition: 1295€ Net

    The license of the Shopware Professional Edition costs 1295€ net. With this version, however, in addition to the basic functions of the Community Edition, you also get the visually very appealing storytelling function, which opens up many marketing opportunities for the customer. The storytelling functions are maintained via the familiar shopping worlds and can be set individually.

    Shopware Professional Plus license:

    In the Shopware Professional Plus license, which costs 5995€ net, besides the basic functions and the storytelling function, All 12 Shopware Premium Plugins are included. The Shopware Premium Plugins cost partly alone already approx. 499€ net. However, when choosing this Shopware license you really have to consider whether you need all Shopware Premium Plugins. As a rule of the thumb […]

    Germany Based Software Outsourcing Solution Provider

    We are Germany based reliable Outsourcing  IT and Software solution provider

    We are providing cost effective outsourcing  Software & IT Solutions for everyone under one umbrella without

    • languages
    • countries
    • and communication barriers.

    The demand of the software development is growing day by day, and there is always a deficiency for good resources which can fulfil this demand. There are not much reliable companies available for individuals, Business owners, Start-ups, small to medium size Companies and Agencies, which can deliver high quality software projects at a reasonable cost. On the other hand big companies are moving their back offices to cheaper locations or completing outsourcing their software development with lower rates of labour for cost reduction. But this opportunity is missing for individuals, small Business owners, Start-ups, small to medium size Companies and Agencies.

    Therefore, BrandCrock as outsourcing  software solution provider has 2 big software production back offices based in Karachi, Pakistan and Chennai, India to meet and deliver the best solution for your online and digital business.

    Our certifications

    Moreover we are certified to make sure that we deliver high quality Software and IT solutions

    • ISTQB Certified Tester (2014)
    • Magento Front End Developer Magento Shop system (2015)
    • Magento Certified Developer (2016)
    • Shopware AG Certified Shopware Parter (2017)
    • Shopware Template Training Basic Shopware – Udemy 2018
    • Shopware Template Training Advance Shopware – Udemy 2018
    • Shopware Developer Training Basic Shopware – Udemy 2018
    • Shopware Developer Training Advance Shopware – Udemy 2018