Currency Switch

Automatic currency switch is possible on your shop through this Currency Switch plugin. Currency Switch plugin automatically switch currency according to country base I.P. You can activate currency switch option by activating multi currency option on Shopware backend.

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Sitemap Priority

The Sitemap Priority Plugin helps to optimize the XML Sitemap. This plugin gives you the freedom to set the priority for individual pages such as category, article, shop, blog pages of your website. When it comes to ranking, high quality pages play a crucial role in improving the ranking of your website. If your sitemap redirects bots to hundreds of pages with low quality, search engines can interpret these pages as a sign that your website is probably the one that no visitor wants to visit.

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Hide Footer Logo

Shopware theme comes with default Shopware logo which is displayed in footer. If you want to hide default Shopware footer logo or footer logo on your website then just install this Hide Footer Logo plugin. This plugin gives you the choice to enable or disable footer logo.

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Brandcrock Tech Electro Theme

Electro Theme is a multifunctional shopware template that can be a good starting point for your webshop.

Offer your customers a fantastic shopping experience with our new Shopware 5 template from Brand crock.

This design is perfectly optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone, so you can significantly increase your potential customer base.

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Shopware Article Additional Tab Plugin

Shopware defualt article detail page comes with two tabs. In order to add additional tab, just install our Article Additional Tab Plugin. The plugin gives you the following features:
  • Additional tab
  • Custom Tab Title
  • Custom Tab Description
  • Language Selection Option

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Shopware Session-Synchronisation Plugin:

This free Shopware plugin made and published by BrandCrock GmbH.

Plugin Name: Brandcrock Session-Synchronisation

Funtionality:  It enables  to keep user and shopping cart data retained when the user switches between them.Download Link : This plug-in can be downloaded on Shopware AG offiical Store free of Cost.

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Wordpress expert in Munich

Wordpress Maintenance

The maintenance of WordPress covers update of all its plugins and new versions. When new versions are available, an update of WordPress Premium theme (if installed) is carried out as well. The maintenance includes detections and repairing of defective links; both external and internal. Installation and setting up new plug-ins plus recommendation of new plugins for a particular website is part of the maintenance job.

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