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WordPress Plugin Development:


To take full advantage of the possibilities customized Open Source plug-ins for online WordPress CMS for blogs and websites are created. CMS stands for web-based Content Management System that provides a facility of managing the content data of a project at multiple levels for multiple users. It includes creating, editing, publishing, reporting and archiving the web-site content, data and any information regarding the project.

WordPress Plugins offer the countless ways and means for blogs or websites through CMS. WordPress is packed with useful and easy to use features with thousands of plugins which facilitates the user to shape up complex galleries, networking, forums, controls for SEO, media widgets, and spam control etc. At a blog site, the WordPress provides space for discussions by having comment tools to globalize one’s views on a WordPress forum.

As a WordPress software development agency BrandCrock GmbH designs and creates a wide range of individual WordPress plugins solutions for online business community. Search Engines Optimization (SEO) is an excellent default feature of the WordPress. Although thousands of plugins and themes are available; BrandCrock GmbH program all kinds of plugins whether sorting, widgets, linking with external APIs or comprehensive administration; tailored to any specific requirements.

We work with CSS, Javascript and PHP for the extension so there are limitless possibilities at hand and within grasp as we create everything without compromising quality and deadlines, costing our patrons far less than the market.