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Print Ads


Electronic and Print Ads

We are ready and well prepared for all kinds of job that need electronics and IT advertising. We practice in digital media advertisement such as banner ads, advertising in social media and mobile advertising as per sales strategy and target audiences.

It is interesting to note that even in this age of advanced electronics media and its portion in advertising industry, the importance of printed paper ads has not lessened at all.

Printed ads can easily be carried to any place and distributed among the people who may turn into potential clients. Printed ads can be stuck on boards at suitable public places and be handed over to walkers in the streets. Hence, printed ads still stand tall for enhancing a business, may it be a circus, opera show, pizza outlet or a super store.

In addition to papers or pamphlets, advertisement can get a place in magazines, journals and newspapers, locally or nation-wide for larger impact.

We provide Print Media Advertising Service to let a message be conveyed to masses. including:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Billboards & Posters
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Media Section

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