We proudly present the launch of the www.Mrletter.de (Shopware adhesive lettering System) complete Shopware Customized   store. Team BrandCrock use the Shopware 5 open source platform and take the Shopware to the next level.

Key highlights of this project are;

  • Complete Shopware Theme Design
  • Shopware theme implementation in Shopware (Installable as a Plugin)
  • Designer Plugin for realtime ClipArt creation which is added to cart and which will be printed as sticker using Plotter in different size, fonts and colours  ( in SVG format) Shopware  adhesive lettering

The shopsystem uses Shopware customized Shopware theme many individuals shopware plugins More infos: https://www.mrletter.de/. The website is fully responsive and completely developed with Mobile First concept.

More information about Shopware plugin developement can be found at Shopware plugin development page.


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