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In the ever growing and expanding trading world, the need to empower the merchants with complete control of their eCommerce merchandize is but obvious. Magento is the answer to this demand. It is the Open Source eCommerce solution that administers the merchandizing and content management fully through the proprietor of the business, small or big.

Magento Open Source eCommerce Solution provides opportunities to grow, handle and secure the enterprises and businesses by implementation, maintenance, updating and advancement of this not-so-magical interface that does magics. In fact, it is the ultimate response to all the hiccups and issues a small to medium shop owner or an entrepreneur may face in the local or worldwide market.

The new, young, energetic and futuristic lot of merchants is keenly interested in materializing their very fresh, untouched or never-thought-before plans and dreams. They are in need of fast and effective marketing tools along with eCommerce setups and software that could enable them to climb, scale and widen within the merchandizing industry. Magento Open Source eCommerce solution is designed to achieve their goals.

Magento development possesses’ different features that allow creating Mobile Application or a Website complements your online existence. It is one of the flexible platforms of E-commerce which team BrandCrock GmbH as a Magento development agency use to engage and create all those mobile E-commerce applications and websites E-commerce applications to provide functionalities which your company needs to grow your online shopping sales .

Magento shows the way towards solutions of eCommerce problems via flexibility and scalability as land marks. Magento allows its user to create such modalities that lead to a sure success and achievement. The business size is not a troubling factor at all and the size of the merchandise does not matter; it is the Magento that takes care of such issues. Desktop, laptop or your mobile, it works globally through cyberspace in this highly competitive and digital world of business.

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BrandCrock as Magento Development Agency


At BrandCrock GmbH a Magento development Agency from Munich we accompany you in every project development phase. As your development partner we can take over the following tasks for you.

  • Concept & Design
  • Setup of Shopsystem
  • Install Magento (Installation of Magento)
  • Web Hosting
  • Upgarde from 1.x to Magento 2.0
  • Development & Implementation Phase
  • Update & relocation
  • Templates development
  • Theme Development
  • PLugin and Module development
  • SEO Optimization & Marketing

BrandCrock Services at best prices


Concept and Design


Our UX /UI experts and designers develop concepts and shop designs that are optimally displayed on every device, are fully responsive, mobile and tablet ready for your success.


  • Basic configuration (attribute configuration, localization, currencies, languages, taxes)
  • Checking the existing configurations of your Shop(s)
  • Configuration of Multi-shop Systems (Sub Shop System)
  • Configuration of extensions, shipping and payment modules e.g. (Paypal, prepayment, Klara, Novalnet etc)
  • Market analysis to the competitor
  • Implementation & Support

Theme Development

  • Web design of the shop with completely new layout and design
  • Usability & Design
  • Code & UX / UI
  • Responsive & Mobile Ready
  • Suggestions for optimizing the shop

SEO & Marketing

  • Check the shop to see if it is optimized for search engines
  • Support of AdWords campaigns
  • Online Marketing & SEO
  • Design of campaigns and banners
  • Marketing Campaigns

Module Development


Our team develops Front-end integrated interfaces & backend systems carrying out programming (extension) of modules according to individual requirements, tasks and needs

Salient Feature of our work

  • Update & Relocation
  • Suggestions for Web Server selection
  • Hosting tips and advice
  • Web Hosting and Cloud Management
  • New update
  • Upgrade existing versions to higher versions
  • New Web Hosting
  • Relocation of Magento installations to other servers
  • Migration from other shop systems to Magento
  • Performance Optimizations

Template development

  • Customize existing templates
  • New construction of templates according to design
  • Design of layouts as per the design guidelines of existing company

Some of BrandCrock Magento 1 & 2 Theme Demos


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