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BrandCrock GmbH, has many strategic and business partners in Germany, we believe in Partner Framework and working together, to fulfill our clients needs. Some of the notable names are listed below.

NovalNet AG


Novalnet AG is a leading financial services institution offering online gateways for processing of online payments. Operating in the market as a full payment service provider, Novalnet AG was founded in Ismaning near Munich. BrandCrock and Novalnet AG are working closely to provide online payments and E-Commerence solution to customer worldwide. More details can be found at;

Novalnet AG

Winkoo Media Gbr



hHELIOS GmbH is a trusted name all over the globe in the field of student visa, immigration and job consultancy especially for Germany and in general for whole world. BrandCrock and hHELIOS GmbH are working very closely in provided the trained and professional dedeicated resouces in the field of IT and Software development. Further details can be found at


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Shopware is a powerful and flexible application that can be used to build eCommerce experiences. It is based on a number of Symfony2 framework components, supported in PhpStorm through core features and the Symfony2 Plugin (an Open Source plugin maintained by Daniel Espendiller). A Shopware-specific plugin adds additional support for developing Shopware eCommerce with PhpStorm.
Shopware Brandcrock GmbH

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